Blythe Duckies

Rainbow Duckies

Ryan Blythe first started making duckies in 2002.  They were a simplified version of full-sized mallards he made in the factories of Murano, Italy. Initially, they were transparent; Blythe’s mother still has the first one.  It didn’t take long for the first “classic yellow” Ducky to appear, as well as limited runs of pink Duckies.

Blythe Duckies are now created in every color of the rainbow and combinations like the Seattle Mix and Dalmatian.  They have an online following from coast to coast and can be purchased on our website or in person at the Rainier Glass Studio and the historic Pike Place Market in Seattle, Washington.

Cancer Fighting Duckies

In 2012, Blythe’s mother was diagnosed with ovarian cancer.  Motivated by her battle, which has largely been successful, Blythe brainstormed with a friend from Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center about how the studio could contribute to cancer research.  In, 2013, the Teal “Leslie” Ducky was born!  Matching the teal ribbon and named after his mother, a percentage of the proceeds from the sale of each Ducky will go to ovarian cancer research.


Rainier Glass Studio was moved by the mission of Project Violet and the story of the little girl that inspired the namesake.  Our Violet Ducky supports their research developing a new class of anti-cancer compounds derived from nature that will attack cancer cells while leaving healthy cells untouched.