Glass Blowing Classes

Two Hour Private Studio Date

One of our versatile artists will tailor this two hour date night to your liking. You will start by picking the Pandora station of your choice before moving on to the exciting stuff! Your artist will start by walking you through the basics of the ancient art of glassblowing. No previous experience is required and this session is available for beginner, intermediate, or advanced students. You and your date will learn how to gather, heat, and shape molten glass into the forms and colors of your choice. The artists are just that, artists! They love to create and help you make your idea into a one of a kind piece of art! Depending on complexity; you and your date will be able to make 1-3 items a piece.

2 hour session: $450.00 for 2 people. Offered based on artist availability, please call the studio for scheduling and more information: 206-557-7883.

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For the Serious Glassblowing Student

Intensive Hands-on Classes

Learn to blow glass! Our five week courses will guide you through the thrills and challenges of this ancient craft, giving you the chance to make your very own work. Instructors will show you how to gather glass and use various tools and techniques to explore a wide range of shapes. Classes follow a curriculum, but personal projects are more than welcome.

Rainier Glass Studio recommends private instruction to maximize hands-on bench time and accelerate your learning curve. The committed student will attend 5 weekly classes. All materials provided, and evenings are available. Please inquire at 206-557-7883 for availability.


In this beginner class, you will start with the fundamentals and begin to understand how everything in glassblowing is possible. After covering basic safety principles and hotshop etiquette, you jump right into shaping glass. Objects covered will include paperweights, flowers, ornaments, and simple vessels. Much of the work will be in clear, but you will get a chance to use color partway through the course. This class is for students with little to no experience with glass.


This intermediate class will build on skills previously learned, while adding new elements such as molds, bitwork, and more color. Practicing over and over with more advanced teamwork, you will gradually expand your repertoire of shapes and sizes. You will be able to design more of your own work as you gain a better grasp of the techniques. We recommend students take this course twice before moving onto the advanced course. After completion of two intermediate courses, students will be eligible for independent studio rental after instructor approval.


Hone your skills in this advanced level course. Students are given more freedom to work on their own projects and instruction is tailored to specific needs. Advanced techniques such as blown feet, encalmo, cane, and murrine may be covered based on class interest. This is your chance to develop your own style and apply everything you’ve learned towards your own artwork.

Level II class or equivalent experience is suggested before taking this class but is not required unless this class is intended for college credits. Class may be used for college credit.

1  Hr PL for One $125.00
3 – 1 Hr PL for One $350.00
5 – 1 Hr PL for One $575.00
10 – 1 Hr PL for One $900.00

1 – 2 Hr PL for One $225.00
3 – 2 Hr PL for One $650.00
5 – 2 Hr PL for One $1,000.00
10 – 2 Hr PL for One $2,000.00

*All qualified Level II and Level III students receive a 15% discount on private rental time so – practice, practice, practice!

Please call the studio to learn more about this class and when we offer it. 206-557-7883

Private instruction

*All qualified Level II and Level III students receive a 15% discount on private rental time so – practice, practice, practice!